In the beginning Kalista was nothing more than a man. A single man, and no more. But as time passed that man became a leader, and with the power of the leader he united fighters. With those fighters he went and fought for what he believed to be right, and protected the nomadic tribes of his home from raiders and monsters alike. And with time the leader became king, and with the power of a king he united armies to march against their hated enemy the Quilar. He drove them back beyond the mountais and freed their slaves, the Feras, from their chains. And it followed many years of prosperity and peace. And as Kalista the king died he became more than a man. He became even more than a leader, or a king. He became a Nation of nomads.

Now 150 years after the reign of the King Kalista, it is now again time to unite powerful fighters all across Kalista for war. This time it is the Miras from the west who seek to claim the mountains and make the people their slaves to toil in their new mines. A fate no Kalistan would want for himself or his fellow country men.

But that isn’t all there is to the turmoil threatening Kalista right now. A mysterious shard of silver has appeared and there seem to be more. There is more than enough magical energy in one shard to baffle the court mages out of their wits. Now a hunt for these shards has begun and everyone has their own plans for the energy the shards provide.

Now Kalista asks you to aid it in it’s time of need.

Welcome to my campaign world of quarrling nations.

What will happen. Hmmm. I think lot’s of random things, i’ll probably just go with the flow of the players and see what happens. So it will be more a improvisational campaign. We will use REIGN as the system and all should be well.

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I am still fleshing out the details now, most likely on a daily basis.

Coalitions of Kalista