The Varg are less a Races but more a group of races that were once enslaved by the Hysta. What they all have in common is that their ancestry reaches back to the Behemoths, one of the mighty races of the ancient. The main body of the Varg is composed of the Orgs and the Trolls, both powerful in body but not too keenly interested in books and similar pursuits. Orgs, or Orks, are a strange humanoid creatures who mix porcine and canine features. Most of their body is covered by dark bristly hair and they have a mane like hair growth on top of their heads which is alos made of the same stiff bristles. Their heads are a mixture of a human and a hyenas head, deep eyes, flat top, pointed fur covered ears and the nose being a thing in between human and dog. Their jaws are very powerfully built and a pair of tusks jut out from the bottom almost reaching the nose. Trolls are different in some regards. They more resemble Baboons with feline traces. Their faces are elongated and shallow, with very deep seated eyes. Their mouth is filled with 4 tusk like canines, each almost the length of a pinky finger, a truly horrifying sight for most other races and a clear challenge or threat to members of that race. They have long arms which end in large hands. They have also fur covering most of their body, very fine and they spent large amounts of time keeping it neatly and clean. A small tail are growing from their backside.

In game mechanics the Varg have following Advatage/Disadvantages

Hated Enemy: Hysta are their hated enemy, and all Varg have this problem.

Varg are incredibly tough. Varg get the Advantages Hard Headed and Leather Tough (meaning, an extra wound box at every location except the head, which gets two extra) for free.

Varg are strong. Any Difficulties levied on Body based Skills are reduced by 2. (That is, if a task normally has Difficulty 5, it becomes Difficulty 3.)

Night vision. When they’re in dim light or even complete darkness, they can still roll Sight without penalty.

Carnivore. Varg get the Advantage Cannibal Smile for free.

Varg are inelegant. Perhaps it has something to do with the pointy teeth. Varg can never have a Charm score above 3, and any Charm-based roll they make cannot exceed a Height of 7. They can never get the five point version of the Beauty advantage.


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