The Hysta are what on other worlds would be known as elves, long eared, lithe, graceful and as longlived as the trees they preserve. They get along with humans rather well but they hate the Varg who drove them from their ancestral forest home. This hatred is mutual for at some point the Hysta had the Varg enslaved to toil in their menial labor areas. The Varg broke free and took over the majority of the western forest for themselves. The Hysta still mourn their lost cities and fallen kin but do not see the fault in their actions of enslaving the Varg. The Hysta are like their Elvish counterpart excellent archers and great hunts man excelling at feats of Coordination. The Hystan have usual body features compared to the other races. For one they have hair that is colored white, grey, silver, gold or blue-ish tinted silver, their eyes being always black and they have a short layer of fur on their torso and thighs. There is no real known cause for this fur, other than that perhaps the fey had fur too. Some speculate tho that there were some Varg interbreeding, an option no Hysta would accept in his presence.

In game mechanics the Hysta have following Advatage/Disadvantages

Long Stride. Hystan have a base combat movement rate of twenty feet per round instead of fifteen.

Hystan are graceful. Hystan get a free point of Coordination.

Keen Hystan eyes. Any time a Hystan rolls a Sight set with Height of x3 or less, its Height gets promoted to x3.

Hystan are slender. No Hystan can raise his or her Body score above three under any Circumstances

Hated Enemy: Varg are always an Hystan hated enemy


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